Siteswitch 1.0 is out now!

Version 1.0, the first stable version, is now available for download. This version contains some new options and more fonts.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Siteswitch?
Siteswitch is a content management system (CMS) designed to be no-nonsense and very simple to use.
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Version 0.6-beta is out now!

Version 0.6-beta has just been placed online. While still a beta version, this version has some bug fixes and a few new options.
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Demo instances

If you first want to see what you can do with Siteswitch, here are a few demo instances for you to play around with. All demos are automatically reset to default every 15 minutes.
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About Siteswitch

Siteswitch is a simple to use yet highly flexible content management system (CMS). It allows website owners to simply create, modify or delete posts on a website through a simple to understand, no-nonsense user interface.
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