Siteswitch 1.6 Beta is out now!

A new beta-version of Siteswitch is out now: version 1.6. This new version has the option to change the content of your sidebar from within the Siteswitch admin environment.

The README is also updated, which still contained instructions from version 1.0.

This is the second beta release of Siteswitch since the stable release 1.0, after version 1.5-beta which added the functionality of changing your user name and password from within Siteswitch. Keep an eye out for it in the next few months for stable version 2.0 and in the meantime, please send bug reports to!

Download Siteswitch 1.6-beta here.

Download Siteswitch 1.5-beta here.

Last modified: 20 February 2022 13:48:16.