Version 0.6-beta is out now!

Version 0.6-beta has just been placed online. While still a beta version, this version has some bug fixes and a few new options.

Version 0.6-beta has some minor bug fixes that make this version more stable, among which a security issue that made it possible for users to deliberately mess up the system if they were logged in, which could be problematic if multiple people (such as employees of a company) had access to the admin area. This problem has now been fixed, among smaller issues such as incorrect display of the side bar settings when the width had been set to 130 pixels.

Version 0.6-beta also introduces the ability to position the main article image within the article. It no longer necessarily needs to be placed in the middle, but can also be moved to the side.

Version 0.6-beta can be downloaded here. Feedback is still welcome, find the email address in the README-file.

Last modified: 21 April 2021 20:25:18.