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I tried to make orange tompouche

Dear diary. Two days ago was King's Day. But also a good reminder that I shouldn't make tompouce.

You see, I tried to make orange tompouce for my partner, who is Polish and never tried this Dutch treat before. And since on King's Day, they are known to be orange to fit the theme, I thought, why not, and tried to buy some.

Sadly, they were sold out before I could get to them. And so, I tried to make them myself. My partner even asked me in advance if that wasn't difficult, but how hard can two layers of puff pastry with custard in between be, really? Especially because it says on the packaging how to make them, so what can go wrong?

Literally everything went wrong. Put in the oven for twenty minutes, the puff pastry packaging (PPP) said. After fifteen minutes, my partner asked what's burning. Yup, the pastry.

The second attempt (keep an eye on it and don't trust the packaging) worked. Time for the custard. No cooking needed, the packaging said. Just add milk and whip for 1.5 minutes until it becomes stiff. Since my partner is lactose intolerant, I used oat milk instead. And I whipped. And whipped. For at least ten minutes. It stayed as liquid as it was when I started.

No worries, just put it in the microwave for five minutes, Google advised me. After twenty minutes of microwaving, it did indeed become a little more stiff, but nowhere near what it's supposed to be. I am a horrible kitchen princess, I knew now for sure. Cooking is not my speciality.

In the end, we tossed the whole thing in a bowl and called it a day. It did taste like tompouche, alright, but I should try to find a place where I can buy vegan tompouche, so that my partner can taste and see what it's supposed to be like.

Last modified: 29 April 2021 22:30:12.
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