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I made a content management system

Siteswitch is a simple to use yet highly flexible content management system (CMS). It allows people to simply create, modify or delete posts on a website through a very simple to understand interface.

Siteswitch works with simple buttons to make text bold, italic, underlined or a totally different font. Articles can be hidden if they are still worked on, to be published later.

Siteswitch comes with an image manager, through which it is easy to add new images, delete them, or using the "magnet"-link, pick them for use in a new article. Images from anywhere on the web can also simply be dragged into the article.

More advanced website builders can completely change the layout of Siteswitch by editing the accompanied layout files, without losing any of the functionality of Siteswitch. People with no website building skills have the option of using a more basic layout which can be customised using a simple to use settings editor, or ask a professional website designer to build a layout but retain the option of using the simple to use editor to post new content to the website.
Siteswitch is easy to implement. All you need is a server with PHP-support. MySQL is not needed as Siteswitch saves your posts in plain text files. This makes it possible to use Siteswitch even on free hosting services.

If you would like to see what's possible with Siteswitch, you can look at one of the demos here. You can download the latest version from the homepage.

Last modified: 24 April 2021 16:47:17.
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