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I charged my phone with a bicycle dynamo

Long, long ago, when you weren't born yet, I created a post on my old blog about a phone charger I made that worked on a bicycle dynamo. And I found that old post back, so I'm posting it here again.
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I made Google help Iranian women access an uncensored internet

Have you heard about Snowflake? It's a nice initiative by the Tor project that helps people in countries where the internet is censored, to access a free, uncensored internet. Only downside: it significantly slows down the internet for them, unless you do it my way.
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I unleashed the full Linux potential of my Chromebook

Chromebooks are very cheap laptops, basically. And that is because they don't run an expensive operating system, Instead, they run Linux, be it by default a bit of a limited version.
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I tried letting PHP grab my Instagram feed

A friend of mine is making art, and I'm trying to make a website for her. To make updating her website easier for her, I want to make that website automatically import photos from her Instagram feed.
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I tried out Microsoft Edge for Linux

If you had told me five years ago that Microsoft would create software for Linux (besides Skype), I would have never believed you. But now, I've tried out Edge for Linux. Because that's a thing now.
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I proved you can't trust wifi security by hacking my neighbour's wifi

Yup, you read that right: I've just admitted something illegal (don't worry, this neighbour is a café and their wifi is supposed to be public anyway). And I did it just to make a point: do not trust your wifi's security, no matter how complicated your password is.
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I swapped my Kindle's 3G module for a WiFi module

No, I don't have enough yet from messing around with my Kindle, and I haven't given up on getting that thing online. This time, I took the 3G module out and put an old WiFi module in.
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I swapped the SIM card of my Kindle. This is what happened.

A Kindle is basically a mini-Linux computer with an e-ink screen. So I wanted to make mine work like any other Linux-terminal.
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I tried to make orange tompouche

Dear diary. Two days ago was King's Day. But also a good reminder that I shouldn't make tompouce.
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I made a content management system

Siteswitch is a simple to use yet highly flexible content management system (CMS). It allows people to simply create, modify or delete posts on a website through a very simple to understand interface.
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