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I tried letting PHP grab my Instagram feed

A friend of mine is making art, and I'm trying to make a website for her. To make updating her website easier for her, I want to make that website automatically import photos from her Instagram feed.
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I tried out Microsoft Edge for Linux

If you had told me five years ago that Microsoft would create software for Linux (besides Skype), I would have never believed you. But now, I've tried out Edge for Linux. Because that's a thing now.
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I proved you can't trust wifi security by hacking my neighbour's wifi

Yup, you read that right: I've just admitted something illegal (don't worry, this neighbour is a café and their wifi is supposed to be public anyway). And I did it just to make a point: do not trust your wifi's security, no matter how complicated your password is.
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I swapped my Kindle's 3G module for a WiFi module

No, I don't have enough yet from messing around with my Kindle, and I haven't given up on getting that thing online. This time, I took the 3G module out and put an old WiFi module in.
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I swapped the SIM card of my Kindle. This is what happened.

A Kindle is basically a mini-Linux computer with an e-ink screen. So I wanted to make mine work like any other Linux-terminal.
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I tried to make orange tompouche

Dear diary. Two days ago was King's Day. But also a good reminder that I shouldn't make tompouce.
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I made a content management system

Siteswitch is a simple to use yet highly flexible content management system (CMS). It allows people to simply create, modify or delete posts on a website through a very simple to understand interface.
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