Puck's Random Website

Hi! I'm Puck! How nice of you to look at my website!
But who is Puck anyway?

Five random facts about Puck:
1. Half Dutch, half Luxembourgish
2. Received her typewriting diploma in 1993
3. Strongly believes that "men's things" don't exist
4. Prefers to do exactly what she likes
5. Punkrock!!
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Random blog posts
I unleashed the full Linux potential of my Chromebook
Chromebooks are very cheap laptops, basically. And that is because they don't run an expensive operating system, Instead, they run Linux, be it by default a bit of a limited version. Read more... Last modified: 20 January 2022 22:38:05.

I proved you can't trust wifi security by hacking my neighbour's wifi
Yup, you read that right: I've just admitted something illegal (don't worry, this neighbour is a café and their wifi is supposed to be public anyway). And I did it just to make a point: do not trust your wifi's security, no matter how complicated your password is. Read more... Last modified: 20 June 2021 20:55:37.

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