Puck's Random Website

Hi! I'm Puck! How nice of you to look at my website!
But who is Puck anyway?

Five random facts about Puck:
1. Female
2. Graduated from the Art Academy Tongeren in 2016
3. Hates every form of sexism
4. Has worked behind a bar for years so she can get drunk for free
5. Loves computers
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Random blog posts
I charged my phone with a bicycle dynamo
Long, long ago, when you weren't born yet, I created a post on my old blog about a phone charger I made that worked on a bicycle dynamo. And I found that old post back, so I'm posting it here again. Read more... Last modified: 17 November 2022 13:22:11.

I made a content management system
Siteswitch is a simple to use yet highly flexible content management system (CMS). It allows people to simply create, modify or delete posts on a website through a very simple to understand interface. Read more... Last modified: 24 April 2021 16:47:17.

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