Puck's Random Website

Hi! I'm Puck! How nice of you to look at my website!
But who is Puck anyway?

Five random facts about Puck:
1. Half Dutch, half Luxembourgish
2. Graduated from the Art Academy Tongeren in 2016
3. Strongly believes that "men's things" don't exist
4. Workshop leader in creative writing for Loesje
5. Loves hiking
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I tried out Microsoft Edge for Linux
If you had told me five years ago that Microsoft would create software for Linux (besides Skype), I would never believed you. But now, I've tried out Edge for Linux. Because that's a thing now. Read more... Last modified: 14 July 2021 17:38:37.

I proved you can't trust wifi security by hacking my neighbour's wifi
Yup, you read that right: I've just admitted something illegal (don't worry, this neighbour is a café and their wifi is supposed to be public anyway). And I did it just to make a point: do not trust your wifi's security, no matter how complicated your password is. Read more... Last modified: 20 June 2021 20:55:37.

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