Puck's Random Website

Hi! I'm Puck! How nice of you to look at my website!
But who is Puck anyway?

Five random facts about Puck:
1. Born in 1980
2. Bit of a PHP geekie
3. Hates every form of sexism
4. Prefers to do exactly what xe likes
5. Punkrock!!
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Random blog posts
I swapped the SIM card of my Kindle. This is what happened.
A Kindle is basically a mini-Linux computer with an e-ink screen. So I wanted to make mine work like any other Linux-terminal. Read more... Last modified: 06 May 2021 10:50:17.

I tried to make orange tompouche
Dear diary. Two days ago was King's Day. But also a good reminder that I shouldn't make tompouce. Read more... Last modified: 29 April 2021 22:30:12.

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